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Precious Ones (Remastered)

Kevin O'Heron on Spotify

Precious Ones


1st verse

In the morning when she starts to rise

She yawns softly while rubbing her eyes

She grabs her blanket then runs to you

She knows just what she's gonna do


2nd verse

She wraps your neck in her loving embrace

Squeezes tight then kisses your face

There's not a better feeling in this world

Then when you're holding that precious little girl



I'm always mystified by the simple things she likes

But I know that all of this will fade

One day she'll realize, life can be cruel at times

But for now I hope her world won't change


3rd verse

She finds beauty in dandelions

She picks them for her parents all the time

She loves to play tag and hide-n-seek

She finds you fast because she always peeks


4th verse

Her stuffed animals wait patiently

For her to serve them coffee, cake and tea

She dances, sings and twirls around for them

Gets dizzy then starts all over again


Repeat Chorus


5th verse

So when you lay your children down tonight

Before you kiss them and you turn out the lights

Tell your little boys and girls

That they're the most precious ones to you in this world

That they're the most precious ones to you in this world


©2022 Kevin O’Heron


500 Terry Francois Street, 6th Floor. San Francisco, CA 94158

(636) 3283519

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