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About the author and the book

Zamudio family 2019.png

Alvin & family in 2019: Margaret, Addison, Mya and Ellie

Alvin and Aiddson 2019.jpg

Alvin & Addison Zamudio, 2019

Alvin and Jamie.png

Alvin and his niece Jamie in 2010, who inspired the idea for the book back in 1992 with the word "Bullela"

About Alvin Zamudio

Alvin Zamudio is a working artist, composer, producer, illustrator & author of this book. He and his wife, Margaret, have three children—two of whom illustrated his book when it was first released in 2010—and live in St. Charles, Missouri.

Unfortunately, in 2019, their oldest and only son Addison took his life at the age of 16. Since that time and post covid, Alvin runs a local organization, Creative Society, to help Addison's friends and others in emotional need. The proceeds from this book now go to support that organization.


About the Dictionary

In 1992, Alvin's little niece Jamie reminded him not to forget his "bullela" before they walked out in the rain. From that single mispronounced word came both a great laugh and a great idea. Eventually, Alvin began compiling all the mispronounced words he could find from parents he knew in the hope of getting a first edition published someday. Years later, the idea was again reborn with the power of the internet. And at the urging of his wife Margaret, he landed on a local news station to tell viewers about the idea for the book. After a meeting with Reedy Press, he was offered a publishing deal for the book and the first edition came off the presses in September of 2010.

About American Sandbox

American Sandbox was born of the idea for the Dictionary of Mispronounced English as a brand for parenting humor merchandise that donates a portion of all income to children in need. For more information on beneficiary organizations, please use the contact page to request details.

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